S3-compatible storage systems

Using a storage system that’s compatible with Amazon S3? Now you may be able to connect that system to your existing Globus storage ecosystem using our S3 connector.

Why Globus for S3-Compatible Systems

  • Manage and share files between your S3 compatible system and other Globus storage collections.
  • Plug S3-compatible systems into the established storage ecosystem and workflows your researchers already use.
  • Save time for both researchers and admins. Easily and securely move data to and from S3 with fast, reliable fire-and-forget transfer that supports even the largest data sets
  • Share data instantly without having to add new user accounts on the system.

Current partners in our S3-compatible storage ecosystem are listed below – contact us at outreach@globus.org if you would like to explore using these systems with your Globus subscription:

  • Cloudian HyperStore
  • DataCore Swarm
  • Storj
  • Wasabi

If you are interested in using other storage systems with the Globus S3 connector (such as Dell ECS, IBM Cloud Object Storage (previously Cleversafe), Scality, VAST Data or others), contact us first so we can ensure Globus will be able to support you.

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Storj is a globally distributed cloud object storage enterprise-grade provider that delivers CDN-like performance for 80% less than traditional cloud storage by using existing excess storage capacity, which is significantly more efficient and sustainable than legacy, centralized providers and is easily integrated into any existing stack with S3 compatibility.



Globus for Wasabi (AWS-S3 compatible connectors)

Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses globally. Globus and Wasabi simplify research data management by enabling users to collaborate, save time and access more cloud storage.



Globus for DataCore (AWS S3-compatible connector)

DataCore is a leading provider of software-defined storage solutions for block, file, and object storage. DataCore Swarm delivers a hyperscale S3-accessible object storage platform to store, protect, and manage growing volumes of data for Globus users. Get instant access to data whenever and wherever needed.



Globus for Cloudian (AWS S3-compatible connector)

Cloudian HyperStore provides an on-premises S3 compatible object storage platform, and with the AWS S3 API implementation, supports any application developed for the AWS S3 public cloud in a local, private infrastructure. HyperStore enables deployment of a scalable local object platform that is standards-based with unlimited potential capacity.