The Globus platform enables developers to provide robust file transfer, sharing and search capabilities within their own research data applications and services, while leveraging advanced identity management, single sign-on, and authorization capabilities.

Your portal, science gateway, web or mobile application now has access to all file transfer, sharing and search capabilities provided by Globus. The platform exposes the same APIs we use for our own web application that serves the data management needs of over 50,000 researchers around the world.

Login/logout, access control, identity and profile management are common to all applications. Why waste precious resources building mundane—but necessary—functions? By outsourcing these aspects to Globus you can focus all your efforts on core application logic.

Why Use the Globus Platform?

Provide scalable, secure solutions to your research community:

  • Enable login using linked external identities; Globus federates identities from over 150 identity providers including InCommon, Google, XSEDE and Internet2.
  • Transfer large datasets fast, securely, and reliably directly from within your application workflows
  • Improve collaboration among users using Globus-based access control to simplify data sharing within and beyond institutional boundaries

Reduce the time you and your fellow developers spend building and maintaining research data solutions:

  • Get new application services up and running in minutes
  • Enable secure, scalable search using custom metadata
  • Eliminate time wasted managing user identities and ACLs for sharing data with external users
  • Use open RESTful APIs, with fine grained authorization
  • Leverage the growing number of Globus endpoints at hundreds of institutions worldwide

The Globus platform is built on widely adopted industry standards such as OAuth and OpenID Connect for authentication/authorization, and uses trusted protocols such as GridFTP and HTTPS.

Get Platform Savvy

Attend one of our many tutorials and workshops for hands-on experience with the Globus platform; and a unique opportunity to engage with the Globus product team. Register for one of our GlobusWorld Tour stops or visit with us at a conference or other venue.

Why Subscribe?

Find out why so many leading organizations are Globus subscribers.

What's New

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Globus Office Hours: Got questions? Join us on October 27th to get answers about Globus Automation, CLI and more

Platform Services

Globus Auth is a standards-based identity broker that facilitates authentication and authorization from hundreds of identity providers.

Globus Transfer is the core service underlying all Globus research data management functions, including file transfer, data sharing, and endpoint management.

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Quick start: Experiment with the APIs using our Jupyter notebooks.

Portal resources: Get code and examples for building a modern research data portal.

Globus Python SDK: A wrapper around the low-level REST APIs.

API Reference: Comprehensive documentation on the Globus Auth and Globus Transfer APIs.

We've built a simple, yet functional, data portal to demonstrate how the Globus platform may be used to serve data to a research community. Click the image above to access a sample portal.

Read our article on the Modern Research Data Portal, view the infographic, and get started on your own portal using these tools and examples.