Do you want to help deliver high quality, cloud-based software to accelerate research across nearly all areas of science, to have a positive impact on the world? Would you love to be an enabler of breakthroughs in any one of a myriad discplines—materials science, climate change, public policy, or the life sciences (just to mention a few)?

Join the Globus team!

Globus is a sustainable, non-profit service within The University of Chicago, run like a startup business. We develop, operate, and sell commercial-grade, cloud-based software application and platform services used by 100s of thousands of researchers to solve their large–and growing–data management challenges. Globus is the preferred way to transfer, share, publish and manage research data for hundreds of organizations worldwide, often moving over 1 petabyte of data per day. We’re excited by the impact Globus is having on science and discovery, and we’re sure you will be too. If you enjoy collaborative, innovative, mission-driven environments, Globus could be a great fit for you!

We have offices located at 401 North Michigan Ave. in the heart of downtown Chicago, at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago's western suburbs, and in San Diego; as well as work-from-home options. We offer competitive compensation with great benefits and flexible work hours. Apply for one of the open jobs below and help us take Globus to the next level!

Join the Globus Product team to architect and build data management services for Globus Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).  As a member of the product team, your work will support researchers worldwide by delivering scalable and secure data management services.

Join the Globus Product team to architect and build our identity and access management systems (IAM).  We're looking for skilled Python engineers to create, operate, and integrate identity management AWS hosted services.  This role is perfect if you are interested in tackling the challenges of improving online security and privacy management while simplifying usability.

We're looking for a motivated, energetic professional to take charge of our sales and customer management processes. You will provide our customer team with the support necessary to sign up new subscribers and manage renewals so that all customer subscriptions are current.

Engage with the Globus product and research team to develop a federated function as a service system that will allow users to dispatch functions for execution across a range of computing systems: from laptops to supercomputers.