Globus for Quantum

With Globus for ActiveScale you get affordable private cloud storage for secure data collaboration.


Globus for ActiveScale, a premium connector for the ActiveScale™ object storage system from Quantum, provides a high performance solution for research data storage that’s simple to deploy and easy to use. Researchers gain a uniform interface for accessing, moving and sharing data and administrators gain a cost-effective, scalable and durable solution they can deploy quickly to help their researchers innovate faster. Globus for ActiveScale is on-premise, turnkey object storage system at a great price point.

Why Globus for Quantum ActiveScale?

  • Enhances collaboration for researchers while reducing management burdens
  • Saves time by simplifying the access and sharing of large amounts of data
  • Increases data durability and integrity to ensure valuable data is protected

Key Features

  • Pooling of redundant, isolated storage resources under a single global namespace, for improved storage efficiency
  • Transparent movement of infrequently accessed data to ActiveScale via automated lifecycle policies, freeing up high performance tiers
  • 17 nines durability and site-level fault tolerance in multi-site configurations
  • Robust data integrity checks occur automatically and transparently protect long-term archives
  • Each object can tolerate up to 1000 bit-errors without data loss
  • The system self-protects and heals requiring significantly less IT intervention compared to traditional storage systems

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Globus for Quantum Connector

Quantum ActiveScale object storage provides Globus customers with seamless performance, capacity, and scaling. As new nodes are added, network and computing resources come online immediately to load balance data requests and system tasks. New storage is added to the capacity pool and write activity is optimally distributed across storage resources using Dynamic Data Placement.