AGU Fall Meeting 2018

December 10 – 14, 2018 (All Day)
  • TBA


At this year's Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Globus is exhibiting and convening a session on data management -- get details or see slides from the session here. See you in DC!

Visit Globus in booth #1731 to:

  • See demos of our new web app
  • Get details on new features like HTTPS support, protected data support, and more
  • Pick up new materials about our subscription benefits
    • Already a subscriber? Come pick up a subscriber sticker!
  • Talk to product team experts about research data management requirements at your organization

Attend our session on data management (click here to see the session listed on the AGU site, or see below for slides from each presenter):

  • Title: Scalable Data Management Practices in Earth Sciences
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, Dec. 12 from 4:00-6:00 p.m.
  • Primary Convener: Dr. Ian Foster, Globus co-founder and director of the Data Science and Learning division at Argonne National Lab
  • Abstract: The scale of data generated, processed, and used by earth and space science continues to grow. Secure, scalable, and usable data management solutions thus have a critical and direct impact on research productivity and effective scientific exchange. A wide variety of use cases are apparent, ranging from data discovery, tracking data use, and allowing for data reuse to secure sharing amongst collaborators. Various technology solutions address different aspects of these problems, from the perspectives of both data distribution and discovery/access. We propose this session to learn from practitioners in this space. Participants will share solutions that they have developed, explore best practices that they recommend, and discuss unmet challenges. We invite presenters that provide diverse point of views, from data providers to end-user scientists, as well as data infrastructure providers at various levels: networking, transfer and replication, and data access services.

The AGU 2018 Fall Meeting will mark another dynamic year of discovery in Earth and space science, serve as the advent of AGU’s Centennial year, and provide a special opportunity to share our science with world leaders in Washington, D.C. As the largest Earth and space science gathering in the world, the Fall Meeting places you in the center of a global community of scientists drawn from myriad fields of study whose work protects the health and welfare of people worldwide, spurs innovation, and informs decisions that are critical to the sustainability of the Earth. For more information, visit the event site.