Gateways 2020

October 12 – 23, 2020 (All Day)
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Gateways 2020

Globus will be presenting a tutorial/workshop at Gateways 2020.

Simplifying Science Gateway Data Management

Date/Time: October 15 @ 1-4:30 ET


Globus is a service for transferring and sharing data in the research community. Globus is designed to manage data at the scales seen in data-intensive research and in scenarios involving multiple institutions. Globus has been continuously managing data transfers for the research community for more than ten years. This scenario-driven, 180-minute tutorial introduces intermediate to advanced researchers and science gateway developers to a series of web applications that use Globus to overcome data management challenges. Attendees will leave the tutorial with a clear understanding of the kinds of challenges Globus can help them with, online resources they can use to reproduce the solutions presented in the tutorial, and new peer contacts they will benefit from throughout their research careers.

Audience: Intermediate to advanced science gateway developers and researchers. Throughout the tutorial, we will invite attendees to share their own science gateway challenges and experiences, encouraging interactions between individuals with similar gateways, research interests, and professional environments.

Links to Workshop Slides:

Part I:  Introduction to Globus

Part II: Large Scale Data Transfer

Part III: Data Distribution

Part IV: Automated Data Ingests