Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference: Genomics & Sequencing Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization Symposium

February 13, 2014 at 11:30 PM CST – February 14, 2014 at 12:00 AM CST
  • Moscone North Convention Center, San Francisco, CA

As data shifts between research, sequencing labs, and the clinic, there is an ever-increasing volume of information generated for curing or treating diseases and cancers. Bioinformatics technologies, tools, and techniques play a critical role in not only storing this mountain of information, but turning it into meaningful biological applications and knowledge. Many life science organizations and research labs use internal and external informatics resources to store sequencing data. This Symposium will cover real-world use cases across many areas, including drug discovery and design, R&D, molecular modeling, next-generation sequencing, and bioinformatics. Thought leaders will discuss the convergence of cloud computing and big data to support life sciences research.

The Genomics & Sequencing Data Integration, Analysis and Visualization Symposium is a part of the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference.

Please join us for a talk by Ravi Madduri on the subject "Integrated Research Data Management and Analysis in NGS Using Globus Genomics." His talk will be Thursday, February 13, from 3:25-3:55 p.m.


In this talk we will present Globus Genomics. Globus Genomics is a robust, scale on-demand solution that provides end-to-end research data management for Next-Gen Sequencing Analysis using Galaxy, Globus Online and Amazon Web Services. The emphasis is on providing the researcher with a high degree of flexibility to inspect, customize, and configure NGS analysis tools and workflows, and share findings with collaborators.