July 19 – 22, 2021 (All Day)
  • Online

Deploying XSEDE Endpoints Using Globus Connect Server version 5

This tutorial will explore important new features of the GCSv5 software and help Globus endpoint operators prepare for the transition to GCSv5. We will compare and contrast the differences between GCSv4 and GCSv5, highlighting those changes that may require changes to user-facing and systems management processes. Participants will deploy a Globus endpoint using GCSv5 and will experiment with common configuration options. We will illustrate concepts using examples from the XSEDE ecosystem, but the material is equally relevant to system administrators at university research computing centers, national laboratories, and other advanced computing facilities that use Globus for data management.

The tutorial includes a mix of presentation, demonstration, and hands-on exercises. Attendees will use virtual machines to experiment with GCSv5. Some topics will combine lecture and demonstration; while others will allow attendees to either “follow along” and replicate tasks demonstrated by the instructor.

Attendees will need a laptop with an SSH client and a modern web browser if they wish to participate in the hands-on exercises.


  • Overview of the Globus service and current XSEDE deployment
  • Overview of Globus Connect Server; comparison of version 4 to version 5
  • Exercise: Globus Connect Server version 5 installation
  • Overview of GCSv5 administration commands
  • Exercise: Scenario driven configuration of GCSv5
  • Best practices and strategies for migrating from GCSv4 to GCSv5.