SEA's Improving Scientific Software (ISS) Conference 2022

April 5, 2022, 2:20 – 4:40 PM CDT
  • Online

Globus will be presenting a tutorial in this year's conference:

Scalable Automation of Data Management Tasks


Globus is widely used among the atmospheric, climate and earth sciences community for reliable data transfer, but a growing number of computationally intensive research activities require commensurate large-scale data management. Globus platform services, combined with data distribution platforms that use the Modern Research Data Portal design pattern, can greatly simplify the development and execution of automated data management tasks.

At the SEA 2021 conference we presented an overview of Globus platform services that facilitate the construction of automated flows, using our work with multiple instrument facilities as exemplars. In this tutorial we will focus on the APIs that facilitate integration with other systems to deliver unique data management capabilities. Our objective is to provide additional technical depth and hands-on exercises for attendees to build their own flows for moving data, running analyses, and sharing outputs with collaborators. We will also illustrate how these flows can feed into downstream data portals, science gateways, and data commons, enabling search and discovery of data by the broader community.