User Stories

  • Materials Science Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Supports Data Service Initiative

    Argonne National Lab

    Data Science and Learning Division (DSL) scientists have undertaken a project to develop a lab service for interactive, scalable, reproducible data science, leveraging machine learning methods to reduce simulation costs and increase data quality and value for researchers.

  • Globus Auth and the S3 Connector with XSEDE Jetstream

    Texas A&M, Louisiana State University, San Diego Supercomputing Center

    The XSEDE community and the Jetstream cloud service provider are using Globus Auth to simplify and streamline user authentication and add support for identity linking: especially campus credentials. Jetstream also offers object storage that’s compatible with Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3), and researchers can easily and reliably move research datasets into and out of Jetstream’s object storage using the Globus S3 storage connector.

  • SIMULOCEAN Science Gateway

    Texas A&M, Louisiana State University, San Diego Supercomputing Center

    A research scientist at Texas A&M has been working to deploy a containerized coastal model on XSEDE resources, work that started at LSU. The goal is to develop and deploy enhancements into the SIMULOCEAN science gateway, integrating new Docker features of Bridges and Globus capabilities for authentication, file transfer and sharing. The PI also collaborated with SDSC.