News Archive, March 2023

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March 2023

  • OSC: Finding Solutions for Long-term Research Data Storage Needs

    March 09, 2023   |  HPCwire

    OSC’s automated tape library system performs daily backups to store massive amounts of information in a durable, accessible format for long-term reliability. With such high research activity, Case Western Reserve needs to manage and store a large amount of data. Researchers often must meet requirements set by their funding agencies, academic publishers and home institution to retain study data for several years, in case that data needs to be audited or reproduced.

  • Edge-Based, Machine-Learning-Enabled Materials Exploration Pipeline

    March 10, 2023   |  Argonne National Lab - Photon Sciences

    Researchers from Argonne and SLAC have demonstrated the ability to use beamline data from live experiments to train machine learning (ML) models on remote supercomputers and deploy the results on edge devices at beamlines, enabling near-real-time data processing.

  • GlobusWorld 2023 Program Announced

    Chicago, IL - March 14, 2023 - Globus, the leading research data management service, today announced the lineup of speakers for GlobusWorld 2023, being held April 25-27, 2023 in Chicago, IL, and online. Now in its 21st year, GlobusWorld brings together over 200 researchers, systems administrators, developers and IT leaders from top computing centers, labs and universities around the world.

  • The C-FEWS framework: Supporting studies of climate-induced extremes on food, energy, and water systems at the regional scale

    March 22, 2023   |  Frontiers in Environmental Science

    Climate change continues to challenge food, energy, and water systems (FEWS) across the globe and will figure prominently in shaping future decisions on how best to manage this nexus.