Containing the Complexity of the Long Tail

April 19, 2018

HPC and computing resources now reach an ever increasing and wider audience, extending out from the “usual suspects” in traditional modeling and simulation, into what is now being called the proverbial “long tail of science”. In support of this long tail, a new breed of research software engineers, research computing facilitators and scientists are needed. Even the very computer systems themselves are getting monikers related to such “long tails”. Recent NSF machines Jetstream and Comet as two very visible examples are each named as a hat tip to “long tails”.

In this article, James Cuff at The Next Platform discusses these challenges with Ruth Marinshaw, CTO for Research Computing and Vanessa Sochat, Research Software Engineer, of Stanford University; among other things, they share details on a new tool they call “Tunel” which bridges endpoints via Globus so containers and data can be more seamlessly moved from one site to another.

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