Purdue, Globus partnership gives researchers an easy way to move big data to and from campus

October 16, 2014  | Purdue ITaP News

A new agreement between Globus and Purdue now gives Purdue researchers a Purdue-specific Globus website for transferring and sharing data. Purdue doctoral student Archana Tankasala is working on research that could contribute to development of quantum computers exponentially more capable than today’s supercomputers. Tankasala's simulations require her to move big data both on campus and between external resources such as NCSA's Blue Waters supercomputer, and she has found a way to make that pretty much painless by using Globus.

The Purdue Globus portal gives us an easy place for Purdue users to start," says Preston Smith, manager of research support for ITaP Research Computing (RCAC). "They can log in with their Purdue career accounts and off they go."

Purdue's Globus service also is integrated with the Research Data Depot, a new state-of-the-art research data storage system from ITaP designed, configured and operated for the needs of Purdue researchers. Work also is planned to integrate the Purdue Globus service with the Fortress archive data storage system ITaP Research Computing (RCAC) operates for researchers who store data and results on a long-term basis.

We're extremely pleased to see Purdue making such a substantial commitment to Globus, and supporting our efforts to become self-sustaining.