"globus auth"

User Stories

  • Materials Science Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Supports Data Service Initiative

    Argonne National Lab

    Data Science and Learning Division (DSL) scientists have undertaken a project to develop a lab service for interactive, scalable, reproducible data science, leveraging machine learning methods to reduce simulation costs and increase data quality and value for researchers.

  • Globus Auth and the S3 Connector with XSEDE Jetstream

    Texas A&M, Louisiana State University, San Diego Supercomputing Center

    The XSEDE community and the Jetstream cloud service provider are using Globus Auth to simplify and streamline user authentication and add support for identity linking: especially campus credentials. Jetstream also offers object storage that’s compatible with Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3), and researchers can easily and reliably move research datasets into and out of Jetstream’s object storage using the Globus S3 storage connector.

  • Building a Genomic Data Repository Using the Globus Platform

    New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI)

    A few years ago NeSI adopted Globus as their de facto national data transfer platform for research.

  • Building a portal for the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program

    University of Pittsburgh

    The University of Pittsburgh together with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are one of five funded components contributing to the infrastructure for the NIH-funded Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP), which relies heavily on Globus for software infrastructure to build a frictionless research platform.

  • DLHub: Supporting Machine Learning in Materials Science

    University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory

    The Data and Learning Hub for Science (DLHub) serves as an automated facilitator and interconnection point for ML models and associated data transformation and analysis tools. It allows researchers to describe and publish such tools in ways that support discovery and reuse; run published tools over the network (with tools executed on a scalable hosted infrastructure); and link models, other tools, and data sources into complete ML/AI pipelines that can themselves be published, discovered, and run. DLHub relies on Globus services for data management.

  • Enabling the Open Storage Network

    National Science Foundation

    The Open Storage Network (OSN) is creating a storage appliance which will read and write from disks at speed, with a capacity of about 1.5PB. In conjunction with the National Data Service and John Hopkins University, Globus is helping to build a distributed storage platform for OSN, based on object storage with Globus Auth federated identity authorization to promote cross-institutional data sharing for OSN users.