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  • Turn Your Data Portal Into a Science Gateway With Globus Compute

    June 20, 2024

    The modern research data portal (MRDP) design pattern is used extensively in research environments to ensure security of an application while facilitating fast data transfer across the wide area network. We have adopted this design pattern to implement a science gateway that enables data search, remote computation, and publication of resulting data products for downstream discovery. We will demonstrate this reference implementation and describe how it may be used by science gateway developers to jumpstart their own efforts.

User Stories

  • Accelerating Research at UCSD with Globus


    Researchers are now able to reliably transfer and share large data sets, and even share protected data with ease. With the increase in Globus managed endpoints, researchers at UC San Diego can easily transfer and share data both internally and with researchers outside UC San Diego.

  • Building a Genomic Data Repository Using the Globus Platform

    New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI)

    A few years ago NeSI adopted Globus as their de facto national data transfer platform for research.

  • Building the Next Generation Earth System Grid Federation and the Globus Platform

    Earth Science Group Federation (ESGF)

    ESGF is an international collaboration between many groups for the software that powers most global climate change research. The output data is used by scientists all over the world. A new team is working to modernize the data backplane, and are in the midst of developing a new architecture which is based on the Globus platform - ESGF2. Globus Transfer is already being leveraged, and recently was used to make two redundant copies of the 7.5 PBs of ESGF data by transferring the data via ESnet in under 90 days.

  • DOE's KBase Program

    Argonne National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Oakridge National Lab, Brookhaven National Lab, Cold Spring Harbor Lab

    KBase is a data platform for the biological sciences, promising to improve the face of scientific analysis and publication. One capability of KBase is to gather all scientific data related to a particular study in one place (facilitated by the Globus data management and file transfer system), making it easy for future researchers to track this data down and build upon existing work.