"Data Transfer"

User Stories

  • Globus simplifies data sharing with collaborators

    Max Planck Computing and Data Facility

    MPCDF has been using Globus as a production (DataHub) service for data transfer since 2017. Globus was implemented because it allows for fast, reliable and secure large scale data transfer. Plus it provides researchers with a nice user experience through its “fire and forget” capabilities, where transferring large amounts of data through a point and click interface is trouble-free, even for datasets that are many GBs or even TBs in size.

  • Globus Facilitated Data Access, Transfer and Multi-institutional Sharing

    Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)

    The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) is a Department of Energy, Office of Science, User Facility funded by the Biological and Environmental Research program. EMSL set up a data management pipeline together with the Northwest Cryo-EM Processing Center (PNCC) and with Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) that enables researchers to build detailed 3D models and determine the atomic structures of biomolecules using cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM).

  • Globus Aids University in Efforts to Increase Crop Productivity through HPC and ML for Digital Agriculture

    University of Winnipeg

    Dilbarjot and Michael Beck, members of the Physics and Applied Computer Science departments at the University of Winnipeg, are part of a team generating labeled datasets to train Machine Learning models to recognize specific features in images captured from crops that indicate a need for specific mitigation techniques, such as targeted pest controls, irrigation changes, etc.

  • Building the Next Generation Earth System Grid Federation and the Globus Platform

    Earth Science Group Federation (ESGF)

    ESGF is an international collaboration between many groups for the software that powers most global climate change research. The output data is used by scientists all over the world. A new team is working to modernize the data backplane, and are in the midst of developing a new architecture which is based on the Globus platform - ESGF2. Globus Transfer is already being leveraged, and recently was used to make two redundant copies of the 7.5 PBs of ESGF data by transferring the data via ESnet in under 90 days.

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