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Rice Relies on Globus for Data Management and Cloud Archiving

Rice University

Rice University

Rice University is a comprehensive research university that fosters diversity and an intellectual environment that produces the next generation of leaders and advances tomorrow’s thinking.

Research at Rice is spread across all academic areas; the Center for Research Computing (CRC) handles all research-related service inquiries and provides shared facilities and services for computing, visualization, data-storage, and networking designed to support research at Rice. Rice’s Science DMZ operates at 100Gb/s, so they need to manage more data than ever before for an ever-growing group of global research collaborators.

To facilitate reliable data movement and sharing for Rice researchers, the CRC subscribes to Globus for research data management. Rice uses Globus for file transfer and sharing, and they also utilize the Globus for Google Drive connector to simplify data access and archiving with Google Drive.

With Google Drive, to access archival data and sync data back and forth can be difficult for researchers. With the Globus for Google Drive connector, a seamless desktop environment is created that makes this process trivial – so researchers can focus on their projects and getting data to the right people and places easily. Now Rice researchers have a single, secure interface for research data that facilitates data movement from onsite systems to their Google storage. With Globus for Google Drive it’s fast and easy to get data in and out of the Google Drive cloud.

Rice researchers also use Globus to move data from local Rice clusters to other institutions like CERN, Argonne and Berkeley Lab. In addition, Rice CRC is facilitating Globus sharing so researchers can easily make data available to collaborators without needing to request new accounts on the system.


  • Science drivers led us to Globus – we needed the Globus reliability and high-performance data management capabilities to support the scientific workflows our researchers require.”"
  • We’ve used Globus for at least 10 years for data movement – we use it for all our big transfers. Now that we are a Globus subscriber, we can also offer data sharing, publication and Google Drive support to our researchers.”"
  • We use Google Drive for research storage but needed a fast, easy way to get data in and out. Globus makes using Google Drive for research storage not only feasible but trivial. It’s a requirement for our researchers who regularly use Google Drive storage.”"
  • With our Globus subscription we get a solid, stable, well-maintained product with the excellent support our researchers need to make the best use of Google Drive.”"
  • Globus puts me in the driver’s seat for effectively maintaining our research computing infrastructure while allowing our researchers to focus on their work and not on IT.”"

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