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West Virginia University Uses Globus to Move and Share Data

West Virginia University

West Virginia University

As part of the West Virginia University mission, its faculty, staff and students are committed to advancing high-impact research and leading transformation in West Virginia and the world through local, state and global engagement. The University’s vision is, through purposeful study and work, to partner with communities near and far to bring needed and valued solutions to real-life problems within the pillars of education, healthcare and prosperity.

West Virginia University uses the Globus research data management platform to transfer data between campus storage resources and XSEDE centers across the U.S. The University’s researchers and research computing staff also use Globus to move data across WVU’s science DMZ to other locations on campus, such as lab systems or researchers’ personal systems.

In addition, WVU uses Globus to archive research data out to Google Drive, which is now possible with the Globus for Google Drive connector.

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