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Simplifying Research with Globus for Box

Argonne National Lab

Argonne National Laboratory

The Box connector feature makes my research much easier. Without it, here is my process to get data from Box (that my collaborators shared with me) to the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility/General Computing Environment for AI:

  1. Turn on Argonne VPN.
  2. Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to (upload bandwidth of home network is less than 10% of download, thus faster to use a machine that sits in the Argonne network).
  3. Turn on Box client to download data to the Windows machine.
  4. Turn on Globus Connect Personal (GCP) on the same machine.
  5. Go to to move the data from my GCP endpoint to ALCF.
  6. Wait …and enjoy data :-) Now, I only need step 5! Globus directly moves data from Box to wherever it can be digested.

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