Deprecating Globus Nexus Authentication

December 07, 2016   |  Teresa Gugerty

We are deprecating the OAuth 2.0 service provided by Globus Nexus (also known as GOAuth). Authentication interfaces in Globus Nexus are deprecated and will be discontinued April 30, 2017. Globus Auth was recently added to the Globus platform and includes support for the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocols, along with richer and more fine-grained identity and access management.

Globus Nexus provided OAuth 2.0 support for two-legged and three-legged OAuth flows, and was used by third-party applications for integrating with the Globus service. Globus Auth provides equivalent (and, in many cases, enhanced) functionality, and several applications have already transitioned to using Globus Auth. Details on using the Globus Auth API can be found here.

If your application relies on Globus Nexus for authentication, then you must transition to using Globus Auth by April 30, 2017 or your users will not be able to log into your application. You can check whether your application is using Globus Nexus and see how to identify the Globus Auth API needed for transition.

If you have any questions or need help moving to Globus Auth, please contact or post to our developer mailing list.