February 2012 User of the Month: Matt Becker

February 03, 2012   |  Paul Dave

For February's User of the Month, I'm pleased to announce the winner is Matthew Becker from University of Chicago!

Who he is: Matt Becker is a graduate student at Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago doing research on Cosmic Background Radiations and Structures in the Universe. More information about his work is available here.

Why we picked him: Matt has transferred more than 17TBs of data spread across 150K files in January 2012. He has transferred data between XSEDE resources and also between Stanford and XSEDE resources. He has obtained transfer rates as high as 1.7 Gbps. He has used both the command line interface and web interface in Globus Online to transfer data. In one instance he has transferred more than 8TBs of data in ~1 day between XSEDE resources Ranger and Ranch at a rate of ~750 Mbps. It is interesting to note that both Ranger and Ranch are located at TACC. Ranger is TACC's largest supercomputer and Ranch is their massive storage archival facility. In another instance, he has transferred ~2.5 TBs of data from XSEDE's Ranger to SLAC at ~500 Mbps. Matt's use case showcases that Globus Online is a perfect tool to transfer data between any two resources. It does not matter whether the source and destination of the data transfer is at the same institution sitting really close to each other or the source and destination are thousands of miles apart, Globus Online takes away the burden associated with the data transfer from the user. Congratulations Matt, and thanks for your use of Globus Online!