Globus premium storage connectors: connecting researchers to their data

November 16, 2021   |  Susan Tussy

Today‚Äôs researchers are faced with an increasingly complex storage landscape, and are implementing many different storage types and deployment models to meet their storage requirements. Globus is addressing this growing need for a diverse set of storage options, and continues to test new storage systems and add premium connectors to give researchers even more storage alternatives to use with its service including cloud object stores, tape archives, and proprietary storage systems. Whether researchers are accessing their data from their laptop, or a supercomputer, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment, it is important that data access, transfer, search, and sharing are simple tasks for the researcher, rather than time-consuming obstacles and barriers to insight and discovery. 

Most recently Globus completed functional testing of Cloudian HyperStore storage to ensure Globus transfer and sharing work with the Globus service, and have validated the Amazon S3-compatible premium connector with Cloudian HyperStore storage. Researchers can now include HyperStore object storage into their storage ecosystem through the Globus S3-compatible premium connector, and access all their data through one unified interface with the Globus service.Globus now provides researchers with the same robust data management capabilities on their Cloudian private cloud as they have with other research storage systems.

Over the past few years Globus added several premium connectors, including ones for Box, Google Cloud, Google Drive, and Globus for iRODS (which was developed through the Globus Community connector program). And during this past year Globus for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Microsoft OneDrive were also added, bringing the total to 13 different  premium connectors for researchers to choose from.



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Cloudian HyperStore provides an on-premises S3 compatible object storage platform, and with the AWS S3 API implementation, supports any application developed for the AWS S3 public cloud in a local, private infrastructure. HyperStore enables deployment of a scalable local object platform that is standards-based with unlimited potential capacity.