July 2012 User of the Month: Jeff Porter

August 09, 2012   |  Raj Kettimuthu

For July’s User of the Month, the winner is Jeff Porter from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory!

Jeff Porter currently works to support computing needs of experimental High Energy Nuclear Physics (HENP) groups at NERSC and is leading a project to build an ALICE production Grid facility in the US, co-located at NERSC/PDSF and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Jeff has been a user of Globus Online since its inception. He uses Globus Online in his work with the STAR experiment at RHIC in support of computing operations at the NERSC/PDSF facility. He has moved more than 76TBs of data so far. In the month of July, he has moved 10TBs of data from Brookhaven National Laboratory to NERSC.

Jeff has moved variety of different data sets - data sets with average file size ranging from few kilobytes to few Gigabytes, data sets with total size ranging from few Megabytes to few Terabytes and data sets containing only few files to ones containing hundreds of thousands of files. He has gotten transfer rates as high as 850 Mbps.

"I routinely have requests to move terabyte-size data sets which are not currently supported by other transfer pipelines. These requests come in sporadically which could disrupt other operations if they are time consuming to perform. I use Globus Online for these tasks because of its simplicity and efficiency." Jeff said.

"From my laptop I issue a couple of commands, without logging into either the source or destination sites, and receive notification by email when the transfer has finished. The transfers between BNL and NERSC are generally fast with rates typically around 300-500 Mbps. I also appreciate receiving the average transfer rate achieved with the final notification. I use this as a real world monitor of the bandwidth between the endpoints, to cross check other measures and verify the stability of the systems involved." Jeff added.

Congratulations Jeff, and thanks for your continued use of Globus Online!