June 2011 User of the Month: Steven Gottlieb

June 01, 2011   |  Raj Kettimuthu

Last month we launched a “User of the Month” program to draw attention to particularly impressive, innovative and/or widely applicable usage scenarios that the entire user community should know about. For our second User of the Month, I’m happy to announce that we have selected Steven Gottlieb from Indiana University.

Who he is: As distinguished professor at Indiana University, Steve works primarily in elementary particle theory, mostly studying the specialty of lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) - the theory of the strong interaction. He is one of the world's foremost authorities on QCD, in which space and time are broken up into a grid and computers perform complex calculations at each grid point. Steve has also done a great deal of work looking at clusters and comparing their performance to supercomputers.

Why we picked him: Quite simply, Steve is a master-mover. No other Globus Online user has moved more data -- at the time of this writing, he had used GO to move almost 15.96 terabytes worth of files, with an average filesize of 11-15 GB per transfer. Globus is glad to be helping Steve get the data he needs to where he needs it, to support his groundbreaking research. It has been said of Steve that “If it can be calculated, [he] will calculate it.” Our team would like to add that, from what we’ve seen, “If it can be transferred, he will transfer it.” Congratulations Steve!