May 2012 User of the Month: William Daughton

June 06, 2012   |  Raj Kettimuthu

For May’s User of the Month, I’m pleased to announce that we have selected William Daughton from Los Alamos National Laboratory!

William Daughton is a physicist in the Plasma Theory and Applications group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He works on the basic physics of magnetic reconnection, a basic plasma process involving the rapid conversion of magnetic field energy into various forms of plasma kinetic energy. His research seeks to uncover the most fundamental physics of magnetic reconnection, key to a better understanding of Earth's magnetosphere.

William moved more than 80TBs of data in May. He transferred data between XSEDE resources and NCSA's Blue Waters supercomputer. He achieved data rates as high as 2.4 Gbps for transfers between Kraken and Blue Waters.

William has moved data sets of varying sizes. The average size of his datasets range from few KBs to few TBs and the average size of the files in the dataset range from from few KBs to 100s of GBs. He also used the data synchronization (sync) capability in Globus Transfer. Some of his transfers encounters many transient failures but the transfers completed successfully without intervention from William, thanks to Globus Transfer's automatic retry mechanism.

William's use case is a perfect example of the type of big data transfers that Globus Transfer makes routine.

Congratulations William, and thanks for your use of Globus Online!