Globus Support for the 2022 NSF CC* Program

May 17, 2022   |  Vas Vasiliadis

We are delighted to see NSF announce the 2022 edition of the Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) program. Over the years, this program has greatly enhanced research infrastructure at institutions of all sizes, particularly by supporting the deployment of the Science DMZ infrastructure that is so important for data-intensive research.

A critical component of most successful Science DMZ deployments is Globus software, which both enables high-performance applications and reduces demands on system administrators. To help CC* awardees achieve their cyberinfrastructure objectives, we will be pleased to make a Globus subscription available at no cost to any new CC* awardee institution that is not a current Globus subscriber. The subscription will include access to all Globus premium features for the duration of the CC* award, with the understanding that PIs will engage with their campus RCD and IT leaders to promote Globus usage and motivate continuing with a paid subscription beyond the end of the award. While fast, reliable, and secure transfer is free for all non-profit research institutions, subscribers benefit from advanced Globus features such as the management console, for monitoring and managing Globus activity; data sharing, for controlled, collaborative access; Globus Search, for data discovery and reuse; and Globus Flows, for automation of data management tasks.

The Globus team at the University of Chicago believes strongly that frictionless data management is essential for great science. As a not-for-profit service operated for the research community, we rely on institutional subscriptions to sustain our operations; thus, we hope that institutions will transition to a paid subscription at the end of their award.

As always, we are available to all prospective proposal submitters for discussions on how best to incorporate Globus into your proposed campus cyberinfrastructure; please contact us at